• Welcome to Voices of Nicotine Recovery (VONR)

    Welcome! Welcome to the Voices of Nicotine Recovery (VONR), a Nicotine Anonymous group. We believe VONR is a wonderful place on the Internet to...

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  • Internet Safety for Voices of Nicotine Recovery

    VOICES OF NICOTINE RECOVERY INTERNET SAFETY Welcome to the "Voices of Nicotine Recovery" group of Nicotine Anonymous. We are glad...

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  • Online Sponsor?

    How do I find a sponsor for online recovery? Thanks, 😇

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  • Lagging..........

    Good Morning Friends, It's me - Sheri Newbie lol! It's hard to believe it's been about 1/2 a month since I've checked in. But, the posts don't...

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  • The Newcomer is the Most Important person at any meeting.

    I am very grateful for the Newcomer, for I seriously doubt that I would be where I am on my journey were it not for the newcomer! To all...

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • This is what I wish for you ALL....

    Still a grateful, recovering nicotine junkie called "LuLu" 16Years Smober (by God's grace the 12 Steps 12 Traditions)

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  • 66 days thrown out the window

    I need help, but I am not sure where I can find it. For about 3-weeks ago i tried to order all the litterature to nica om the official webpage. It...

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  • Need to Quit, want to quit, need the help

    After trying to quit on my own many times, I kinda stumbled here by accident. I have been smoking for over 26 years. I know that I want to quit, I...

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    "HOPE COMES FROM ACTION Whatever the size of your desire to stop using nicotine, showing up at meetings regularly can increase that desire. As...

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  • Encouragement

    "Never give up, never lose hope. Always have faith, it allows you to cope. Trying times will pass, as they always do. Just have patience, your...

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  • Hope

    Hi all today i attended my first Paltalk meeting, I live in Australia and in my state there are no nica meetings. Have smoked 43 years tried to quit...

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  • just quit at 8:30pm tonight

    My doctor wants me to quit smoking by April 1 because I am having ostomy reversal surgery on May 6. He told me quitting would increase my chance for...

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  • Hi everybuddy

    Just checking in on a rather lazy Sunday We barbecued out on Friday and Saturday; I cleaned my home nicely, boy, I've got lots of nice things to...

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  • Welcome to any Newcomers :)

    Hello 🙂 And please, Keep Coming Back because it gets greater later! Really it does. LadyLuLu 16 Years of turning my life, and...

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  • Quitting Tomorrow (Hopefully for Good This Time)

    Hi all, My name is Aaron. I have been smoking cigarettes since I was 15 y/o which was 25 years ago. At this point I am up to almost a pack and a half...

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  • 12 steps

    We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Explain?

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  • Emotions

    How are you dealing with feelings of anger while quitting?

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  • The 12 steps

    "We admitted we were powerless over nicotine and that our lives had become unmanageable." Questions for reflection from the nicotine...

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  • Newcomer

    Hi guys i m a newcomer from Greece how can i attend online meetings?

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    Started by alexantra vardaki

  • The 12 steps

    Step 1 "We Admitted we were powerless over nicotine...that our lives had become unmanageable." What does this mean to you?

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  • Newcomer

    hey there. I don’t really know how to do all of this. I have delt with substance abuse for years, but nic is killing me. I started smoking young....

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    Started by Wallibee

  • Back Again...Trying Again!

    Had a total of about a 1 yr half nicotine free. Allowed some stupid ideas to take root and started puffing again. I need help...I can't do it...

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  • :)

    LuLu, Sweet 16, and still teachablle... But for the Grace of God NicA!

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Newbie

    Hello all! I am new here and am ready to tackle my fight with nicotine. I have tried about a million times but I do it alone which is probably why I...

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  • Hi

    Hope everyone out there is having a great weekend. Hang in there, and keep the Quit! Yours Truly, Lulu

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Newbie here

    Hello! I quit smoking cigarettes way back in '97. Was nicotine free for 5-6 years, and then discovered nicotine replacement products, and was like,...

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  • No guarantees

    I have never promised myself or anyone else that I would stop smoking for the "rest of my life". Why you might ask; well, because I...

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Day 1 and First Meeting!

    Well as skeptical as I was I sat through my first meeting tonight which also happened to be my first nicotine free night. The only they I can say is...

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  • The Greatest GIFT ever!


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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Newcomers

    Gosh, where do I start?! The Newcomers I "see" at vonr are really doing a great job at showing up at meetings and eagerly, willingly...

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Life on life’s terms

    im learning to live life on life’s terms. My life has been unmanageable and I want to be a better person and mom to my children. I want to do...

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    Started by refuge_of_love

  • Moderator position

    Thank you Dee and Aimee for nominating me to be a moderator in the forum. I hope to concentrate on the newcomer and have started by posting the 12...

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  • Another Anniversary TODAY!

    Call me silly, call me anything you'd like, just don't call me late to dinner, LOL! I can't help myself, I need to share this great news. Our...

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • Attraction rather than Promotion

    Nicotine Anonymous is a program of attraction rather than promotion; and I also think it's a program for those of us who really...

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  • hey hey

    Just stopped by to say hello, and hope all is well in your neighborhood. 🙂

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  • The very FIRST thing I do when I wake up in the morning

    For a very long time in my life; the first thing I did when I awakened in the morning was to light a cancer stick, but now, the first thing I do...

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  • Happy Hearts

    Happy Valentine's Day to all of you awesome folks out there! 🙂 LuLu 😉

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  • What was it like?!

    From the Nicotine Anonymous : The Book page 24 Question One: Why did you start smoking or chewing? Feel free to elaborate. LuLu 🙂

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  • Nicotine took away my freedom to choose

    One Day At A Time, LuLu

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  • Could be considered one of the 5 D's... :)

    If nothing else this could be considered a good, little distraction. 🙂 I'll come up with a word or phrase, and you guys get to make up words...

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • First Day. First Step.

    Feel overwhelmed with fear. Trying to relax like first things first. Have medical stuff going on. Will see on neighbor who just stopped last...

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    Started by Susan Tarbuck

  • VONR History

    VONR History (via Technology) (according to John R. Oldhippydude999) These audio tapes were suggested by Susan...

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  • To All of our Newcomers :)

    Welcome to all the Newcomers; It is so very nice to see you guys and gals here. Big hugs and welcome all! YF TS, LuLu

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  • Truly Humble

    Posted a photo

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    Started by lady Lulu

  • It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again

    "It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again" Anybody smokes, or used to, and has seen the movie, The Silence of the...

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    Started by born_intheusa

  • Don't want to be another statistic

    Reading an article a few days back and a statistic was mentioned reading some of those who still smoke... "34 Million Americans still...

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  • A Thought

    "I will accept my feelings, whatever they may be, just as they are. I will practice the program and learn to live with my feelings."

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  • FEAR

    " Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake". ~EDGAR WALLACE~ Taken from page 51 in YOM's...

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  • :)

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  • Our Need to Accept Ourselves!

    DAY FOUR We cannot change anything unless we accept it. Condemnation does not liberate, it oppresses. –C.G. Jung All...

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